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Мои твиты 
12th-Dec-2011 12:58 am
  • Сб, 17:03: RT @vannystars: I hate girls who censor their "fucks" when they wana curse. Like e.g "fxcked". Wanna curse then curse la! Whts up w the ...
  • Сб, 17:04: Bee bee say he will buy la mer cream for me. Happygirl_93@hotmail.com. And I want a furry bag. Cos it's damn chio. GO CHINA BUY.
  • Вс, 04:48: RT @funnyortruth: A jealous woman does better research than FBI.
  • Вс, 04:49: RT @ZodiacFacts: #Geminis hate losing the chance to have 'the last word' especially in a argument.
  • Вс, 04:49: RT @ZodiacFacts: #Geminis will love you for being creative and imaginative and also very supportive of any big changes you wish to make ...
  • Вс, 04:51: RT @IamSpectacular: Do you want to know Victoria's Secret? Their lingerie doesn't look the same on your girlfriend as it does on their m ...
  • Вс, 06:46: Top 10 most expensive city in Asia. 1.Tokyo 2.Nagoya 3.Yokohama 4.Kobe 5.Seoul 6.Singapore 7. Beijing 8. Shanghai 9. Hongkong 10. Busan
  • Вс, 06:47: RT @funnyortruth: Whenever I use "Thus" in a essay, I feel like motherf**king Shakespeare.
  • Вс, 14:44: Me want a miumiu wallet. ;)
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